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Posted 10 months ago

BB sends his thanks for voting for this entry! This photo will be exhibited at Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila where it will be open once again, for voting. Thank you so much!!!

Posted 2 years ago

Blackbolt went with jat and ate layla to pick me up from the office. Like a regular dog, Blackbolt likes looking out the window and exploring the car. After nearly thirty minutes of frenzied jumping and running around, he finally fell asleep in the crook of my arm.

Posted 2 years ago

Meet Blackbolt the cutest and sweetest cat in the world. He’s a male ragdoll kitten, almost 3 months old. Just a week after my birthday and in the middle of my boyfriend Jat’s bar exams, we set into motion a plan that had been waiting to ripen into action since that day in August when a very kind hearted ragdoll cat breeder, Leena Calso, informed me that we could take home one of her kittens after two months. But I will tell the whole story, or bits and pieces of it, at another time.